Saturday, October 3, 2009


I want it.
With cheese, olives, bacon, ham, onions and mushrooms.
Or maybe some fries with... fries.
A nice bundle of KFC hot wings.
Burguer king.. ahhhh...
I'm hungry and all I can think about is junk food! Not my fault... it's these evil hormones. They make me crazy! They make me want to eat pickles dipped in cheese and hot dogs with mayonnaise...
If its salty, fattening and unhealthy... i want it!


insideiamdancing said...

Now I kind of want pizza. Or a burger. If you are hunrgy, eat! The cravings will be less if your body is nourished- maybe a twist on what you are craving... I am making a veggie burger for dinner with some melted cheese and onions sauteed in Pam- like a big cheeseburger :)

Enjoy your Saturday!