Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy moments

I like to think about them. Repeat them over and over in my head. Savor them.
I like telling you about my sunny days. They're the ones that matter, the ones worth remembering.
So today i'm going to tell you about the apple pie I made and how happy I was because I knew upstairs was a girl who was going to love it.
I'm going to tell you about the sleepy "good morning" I heard as soon as she opened her eyes and about the rock on my desk that has our names inside.
I'm going to tell you how good it felt her hand searching for mine as we walked down the street.
I'll write about the kiss she gave me and about the strawberries we ate in the kitchen.
I'll write about all the "come here", "don't turn away, let me hold you", "shhhhh", "it will get better soon" and " "I'm here, i'm not going anywhere".
I'll write about the cute little dance she does and how I love to see her laugh.
I'll write this for all of you who read this blog, but mostly I'm writing this for you, my love, so that you know that you're the one that makes me feel like there are happy moments to be remembered even when I feel like this.


B' said...

[Vou por este blog lá nos blogs que visito :) ]

Kate said...

(: bom blog, adorei o layout.
Tenho um blog do género, infelizmente, dedicado a uma relação passada, já me lembrei tarde demais, mas a ideia é fantástica.
Volta sempre ao Hormonas ^^

Rita said...

B - O teu já está ali ao lado.. já estava quando este blog estava noutro sitio e continua. :)

Kate- Obrigado!